Rim Respray

Your wheels are more than just a means of transportation - they're an extension of your personal style. Revamp your ride with a fresh coat of color that's sure to impress - Rim respray done right! 😉

  • Before respray

    Dull contrast with black rims

  • After respray

    Bold contrast with gloss gold rims 🏅

RRSG Rim Respray Process

Rim Assessment

Our experienced technicians will assess your existing rim condition. We evaluate the condition of the wheel from different angles such as extent of curb damage, paint quality/flaking, etc.

Colour Selection

Choose from a selection of our standard colours or make it truly yours with a customised shade.

Colour fitting sessions with sample rims available at a small additional fee before you make your choice. p.s. fee is waived if you decide to respray your rims with us.

View our fitting session!

Dismount of Rim & Tyres from Vehicle

As a professional tyre shop with fitment capabilities of up to 24", your precious rims, bolts/nuts & tyres are in good hands! For common fitments, loaner rims & tyres are provided.

Removal of Tyres from Rims

We completely remove the tyres for all our respray jobs. We commit to spraying the ENTIRE rim - the face, the inner barrel and the internal barrel where the tyre sits. No short cuts!

Free Rim Repair Services Included

Get back on the road in style - Free rim repair services to keep your wheels looking sharp.

Rim Preparation

Removing all that grime and dirt from your wheels before they get their beautiful make-over. Shower time :-) After the wheels are squeaky clean, we sand off old paint & lacquer.

Colour Preparation

Depending on the colour chosen, we use the Glasurit© mixing system to prepare your new colour.

Spray Time

We only use the best paints & lacquer in the market. Check out the brands we use here!

Installation of Tyres

Once the respray is completed, we reinstall the tyres & rebalance the wheels before mounting. Almost done!

Job Complete!

All there's left is to enjoy your rims & drive off! All rim respray jobs come with a 3-month finish warranty - our promise of our work quality to you.