Rim Repair

For Curb Rash Damage, typically caused by high carpark kerbs, awkwardly placed road dividers and more often than not, Tuas or Woodlands check-point 😉

RRSG Rim Repair Process

Damage Assessment

Our experienced technicians will assess the rim damage and fixability. We look out for depth of damage, paint quality, rim structural integrity and feasibility of repair.

Removal of Rim & Tyres from Vehicle

As a professional tyre shop with fitment capabilities of up to 24", your precious rims, bolts/nuts & tyres are in good hands!

Pressing Down The Tyre Bead

Pressing down the tyre bead allows for a smoother repair. A common question on why we don't completely remove the tyre: it will take too long for the paint to dry before we can refit them! We wouldn't want to keep you waiting for hours ⏰

Grinding & Sanding

Damaged rims typically have jagged and rough edges, these need to be smoothened out before paint can be applied (painted rims). For diamond cut rims, these edges are smoothened then polished.

Putty (Situational)

For rims with deeper damage, we putty the rims to even out the edges. Take note that we will only use putty on request or if the chip is too deep.
Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee that putty will not chip in the event of small knocks to the curb (while parking etc).

Painting Time!

Starting off with a paint mixing, we try our best to match the colour closest to your rim. After a match has been determined, it's spray time!

Nitrogen Fill & Fitment

Once the paint job is done, we leave the rim to rest until dry. We provide FOC Nitrogen fill services to our rim repair clients.

All Done!

All there's left is to enjoy your brand-new-like rims & drive off!