Rim Curb Rash Repair Service

Rim Curb Rash Repair Service

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🏆 Curb Rash Repair 

🏝 Grinding, Sanding & Spray

5 Star Review from our customer 🙊 

Cannot spot curb rash after repair! 

💰 Price starts from $48

Price quoted for Basic Repair, please send picture of your rim for most accurate quote 🙏

🔆Cosmetic repairs , are repairs to a small to medium section of the wheel. The damage would have to be minor and the repair would blend into the undamaged area of the wheel, leaving your wheel as original as possible. However, the original finish is not removed unlike the powder coated finish. Cosmetic repairs do last but are not as long term as total alloy wheel refurbishment.

🔆Cosmetic Repair Process

The first step is to assess the damage of the wheel. We will then remove the tyres from the wheels to discover the full extent of the damage. The wheel is then carefully cleaned .

🔆The next stage is the careful removal of the damage using a range of sanding media. Following this, a color matched wet paint is applied and blended into to the rest of the wheel to show no visible edge.

👍🏻To make our environment safe we have 2 sanitised and separate waiting rooms.

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